creekfield oil and gas

Creekfield Oil & Gas

Upstream and Downstream:

  • Marginal Fields
  • Crude Oil Marketing
  • Tank Farms
  • Supplies


The company is determined to be among the players in marginal fields and oil block operations. This involves seasoned staff in the various relevant engineering disciplines and world renowned technical partners. Creekfield Energy and Services has a working pact with SNC LAVALIN of Canada and an MOU with CCEED of China which is a state owned company, which leads the rest in innovative and robust technology.

Operating a marginal field or an oil block automatically puts Creekfield Energy and Services on the map of crude oil producers.

To be on the same page with the foremost oil and gas producers of the world, Creekfield Energy and Services, will strife to put staff training and collaboration with leading companies in state of the art industry technology at front the burner of its activities.


Creekfield Energy and Services Limited aspires to be a leading name in the Supply and distribution of petroleum products not in Nigeria but in the West African sub-region. Pursuant to the realization of this aspiration, Creekfield Energy and Service Ltd has  commenced the construction of a 70,000 metric ton petroleum products depot in the Export Processing Zone in Calabar at a cost of $20million. All the mandatory statutory Geotechnical tests and E.I.A studies have been carried out successfully.

For the availability of petroleum products, the company is into importation of petroleum products and with the acquisition of and or leasing of filling stations which have geographical spread in terms of their locations, even distribution is assured. These filling stations will be in our branded name. The company will enhance profitability by having her own trucks for the distribution of products.

We have signed an MOU with Siraga of France for the construction of a Liquefied Gas Bottling Plant at the cost of $18million. In the nearest future, Creekfield will be among the leading providers of LPG gas not only in Nigeria but in the West African sub-region.

REFINERY:- Creekfield Energy and Services has commenced discussion on the possibility of building a 50,000barrels/day close to the products tank farm since modulated refineries are good managers of space. Surely Creekfield Energy and Services will own a refinery in the nearest future.

Our pedigree

  • We respect all stakeholders as we strive to strengthen their relationship
  • We are Professionally oriented adopting best standards and practices worldwide
  • We are flexible, innovative and proactive
  • We are accountable through our service plan
  • We are very positive about our business
  • We provide excellent solutions to challenges

Our key success factors are:

  • Upholding our core values
  • Focusing on our plans
  • Good understanding of our market terrain
  • Creative and Innovative abilities
  • Aligning and focusing organisational energy on achieving organisational goal

To actualise our vision, the company, through the collective efforts of her dedicated and empowered employees, sound and robust technical partners, apt application of innovative technology and the world best industry practices, contributes positively to the growth of the nation’s oil and gas industry, power generation capability and great support to agriculture (irrigation from dams).

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