We have the capacity and capability to supply work boats for offshore  operations, crew change boats, supply of petroleum products, food stuff and drinking water. Also, our fleet of trucks are available movement of goods and properties.;

Our Mission is to actualise our vision, the company, through the collective efforts of her
dedicated and empowered employees, sound and robust technical partners, apt application of innovative technology and the world best industry practices,  contributes positively to the growth of the nation’s oil and gas industry, power generation capability and great support to agriculture (irrigation from dams).

Research beyond the business plan

To be a leading Energy company in Africa, competing globally with other industry giants in an environmentally responsible manner to the benefits of all the stake holders and humanity in general.

  • We respect all stakeholders as we strive to strengthen their relationship
  • We are Professionally oriented adopting best standards and practices worldwide
  • We are flexible, innovative and proactive
  • We are accountable through our service plan
  • We are very positive about our business
  • We provide excellent solutions to challenges

Our key success factors are:

  • Upholding our core values
  • Focusing on our plans
  • Good understanding of our market terrain
  • Creative and Innovative abilities
  • Aligning and focusing organisational energy on achieving organisational goal
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